Dad v Girls – All You Need To Know


Dad v Girls are a YouTube family vlogging channel who specalise in challenge videos and family-related fun videos.

The Dad from the title name, Joel and his wife, Sarah Conder, began the channel with the intention of making money – according to Joel’s testimony on ITV’s This Morning programme.

Their five children have more than contributed to the success of the channel and thus the purchase of a  £1.3 million dream home.  You must wonder just how they would fair if the children were removed from the channel.

Joel can be found on the daily on their Instagram page advertising some of the most major worldwide brands such as Paypal and Nintendo, often using his kids within these adverts.  However, one thing is for certain, these ads would not be possible without the children who have single-handedly grown the platform.

Despite having previously claimed they would never film a live birth video, they did just that in order to exploit the latest in the Conder Clan.

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