Hero Diver Charged With Rape Of A Minor


Jared Leisek, better known for his YouTube channel Adventures With Purpose (AWS) has been indicted for historic abuse allegations against his own cousin.

A 40 year old woman came forward earlier this month with the shocking revelations against the much loved diver.

AWS, with nearly three million subscribers on their YouTube channel dedicate their time and effort and donations into searching underwater to help solve cold-case disappearances.  They rely on public donations to fund these expeditions and film their findings for their channel audience.   With this in mind, fans of AWS were rocked to find out their hero Leisek had been charged with such an heinous crime.

Leisek, 46, has been charged with raping his 9 year old cousin in 1992 when he was just 16 years old.

In a sick and twisted riposte he never denied the allegations in an email to the victim.  Leisek stated that it was:

Unfortunate when families like ours experience molestation.

Leisek also seemed to suggest that the victim should be able to discuss it in a calm adult manner now that she was a fully grown woman saying:

We are now all adults and it is healthy for us to address those unfortunate circumstances from our past

The woman carried out her threat to turn him into the police and a court date has been set for 23rd November 2022.  A statement of probable cause led to the case of State Of Utah v Jared Leisek for two counts of rape of a child.

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