The Saccone Jolys – All You Need To Know


The Saccone Jolys are an Irish-British family vlogging channel consisting of dad Jonathan, mum Anna and their four children.  Together they are one of the original family channels on YouTube, beginning to vlog their family over 14 years ago.

Jonathan Joly has come under fire over the past few yeas as he has used his son to come out as non-binary and promote his book.  At the same time he has exploited his son who has come out as transgender, prompting a barrage of abuse.  However, Jonathan has misinterpreted this abuse as hatred towards his son’s gender identity.

The channel underwent a major change in the past few weeks as they took their entire video library offline under the guise of giving his children the chance to build their own life narrative.  However, just two weeks or so later Jonathan had a chance of heart and returned their biggest vlogs back to the channel.

Additionally, despite having previously removed his children from YouTube, he continued to plaster them all over Instagram and Tik Tok.

In keeping with many family channels, The Saccone Jolys appear to love to film their children wearing their school uniforms.  Despite blurring the school badges, it is very easy to find a school based on the colours and style of uniform.

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