Qatar Suffer Multitude Of Controversies As World Cup Set To Begin


As the highly controversial Qatar World Cup 2022 prepares to unfurl it’s opening ceremony flag and welcome the world to it’s door, the controversies seem a daily occurrance..

Putting aside the approximate 6500 migrant deaths and the highly problematic LGBTQ+ legalities – if one could possibly put those ‘issues’ to one side – day after day, the Qataris appear to be creating their own problems by either adding further unexpected restrictions or moving the goalposts to existing restrictions.

One of the most controversial to date is the banning of alcohol within the confines of the World Cup stadiums.  Previously, supporters had been given assurances that alcohol would be made available.  In fact, tickets to games included promises of access to alcohol.   Fans are so angry about the situation that they claim they would not have paid thousands on flights, accommodation and match tickets if they knew alcohol would not be available.

One of the main World Cup sponsors, Budweiser, now face a major contractual issue having paid $75 million to FIFA for the privilege of having exclusivity to sell their brand in and around the stadiums.

Even more ridiculous is the fact that alcohol will still be available to those VIP box holders who can afford the $20,000 for a ticket.

After the booze scandal came the Fan Village scandal.  Supporters from around the world started arriving in Qatar and inspected their luxury accommodation.  Costing a mere £185 per night, the Fan Village was a run of what looked like storage containers converted into one room accommodation.  Needless to say, early reviews were not good as videos began popping up on TikTok and Twitter.  That is the ones who managed to get their pictures and videos beyond the Qatari officials who are intent on keeping the truth from leaving the confines of the village.

Speaking of videos being confiscated, the Danish Press had a run-in with officials as they filmed a news report.  Qatari officials threatened to smash their camera.  They later received an apology as they proved their credentials.

To add to the bizarre nature of an ever increasingly bizarre World Cup, it emerged that World Cup organisers had indeed hired artificial supporters to watch matches and cheer on their country.  They had received free flights, accommodation and match tickets in exchange for chanting during games and giving positive reviews on social media.  However, in true Qatari fashion, they moved the goalposts at the very last minute and cut the daily allowance that they had promised their fake fans, leaving them in a hole as to how to afford food and drink during their stay.

Believe it or not there is a football side to this World Cup and it comes in the form of a possible match fixing threat.  FIFA have received an ‘integrity alert’ regarding an ‘unusually high’ amount of penalties awarded to Qatar during friendly matches in the run-up to the tournament.

Would it be any surprise if that was their plan?

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