TikTok’s Predator Wormhole


TikTok has been the centre of a lot of controversy for a long time, not least it’s lax attitude to child safety and ease of access for predators to get to children.

Consider this, though.  Your child is innocenty having fun with a friend one Friday evening on a live stream on TikTok when they are given a multitude of tasks by seemingly innocent users, such as asking to see their outfit, which btw looks lovely and and looks really good on them.  Innocent request, followed by a lovely compliment.

And that’s how they’re hooked.

One evening, for research purposes, i popped onto TikTok and browsed the live streams which were recommended to me.  I found it incredibly easy to find random people who i’ve never met before just by swiping up to the next recommended stream.  TikTok really should not make it so easy to find live streams of people you don’t know.

During my browsing sesh, i came across girls as young as thirteen being bombarded with requests to show their socks and feet (a fetish among the many weirdos of this world) and even one who was tempted into playing rock, paper, scissors (loser gets a wedgie).  Most requests were dismissed as ‘weird’.  However, one which was not was the constant ‘fit check’ request.

‘Fit check’ is asking to see their outfit.

However, for most in those livestreams it is an excuse to see the child’s body.  One girl was asked to ‘stand up’ which she refused, yet when asked for a ‘fit check’ for the umpteenth time, she obliged no questions asked.

Worringly, at one point, the girl’s father commented on the stream.  She was embarassed.  However, there was no concern from the parent who must surely have seen the type of comments her daughter was subjected to.

More worringly, this was not the worst event that I witnessed.

One afternoon, while browsing, I came across two girls who confirmed to strangers that they were fourteen and fifteen years old, wearing full school uniform and livestreaming while in SCHOOL and in the middle of a school LESSON.

The teacher could be heard in the distance and at one point could be seen in the background.

This livestream lasted for at least twenty minutes, probably longer, so was not just a quick on and off while the teacher wasn’t looking.

During the stream, there was up to 300 people watching, with some extremely disturbing things being asked and commented.

They were asked about their sexuality, whether or not they still had their ‘V Cards’, and if it was ‘bald down there’.  Remember thse were actual children and actually in school at the time.

Once more there was a fascination with their feet and at one point one girl showed her feet to the camera in the middle of a school lesson.

These children were quite unbelievably being sexually harassed live on TikTok in the middle of a classroom.. oh and with teacher about!

The one thing I have noticed from all the livestreams involving children is they are well aware of the age restrictions and rules for streaming on TikTok.  Under 16s are prohibited from live streaming.

When asked for their age, many won’t reply or will say it will get them banned.  To get around this problem people ask them to say their age backwards, so if they are 14, they will reply ‘4-1’.  It all seems very calculated.

TikTok urgently need to take note and act upon this.  Children are being used and abused on their platform and the kids often don’t even realise.

On the occasions where they are well aware – one girl was asked ‘how many paedos do you think are watching?’ – and she answered ‘probably loads’ = why are we teaching kids that it’s okay to have predators watch and comment?

Why is this even a thing?

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