YouTubers The Ingham Family Film Naked Child On France Beach


Imagine being on your dream holiday, sunning on the beautiful and idyllic St Tropez beach. Your children are running around playing, laughing and enjoying themselves. However, little do you know, in the distance an infamous YouTuber is carelessly filming his family. Unbeknownst to you he has captured your young son fully naked , front and back, and uploaded it to over 100,000 people on YouTube.

The Ingham Family, with dad Chris, mum Sarah and children Isabelle, Esme, Isla and Jace are well known worldwide for filming their daily, if somewhat mundane, lives to their 1.3 million army of prepubescent fans.
Chris, editor in chief, is tasked on the daily with putting together a vlog to their dwindling fanbase.

As we speak, The Ingham Family are recklessly touring round Europe during a pandemic which is only getting worse by the day. On an expedition expected to last months, first port of call was the South of France.

On Tuesday 11th August, Sarah was filming her family on a jam-packed St Tropez beach. Specifically she was pointing the camera at 11 year old old Esme.

On the night of 11th August, thousands of people watched in shock and disgust as, in the backdrop of the aforementioned shot, a very young naked child was spotted.

Hundreds of fans and anti-fans commented on the vlog. However, instead of taking the video down, Chris and Sarah spent that time deleting the negative comments.

The vlog was up for about an hour before they relented and reluctantly removed the vlog. this was edited and eventually re-uploaded with the naked child blurred out some five hours later.

The question is, ow was this allowed to happen? Sarah explained it was a simple error and how Chris just didn’t see it. However, when you are vlogging, you have a clear responsibility; safety. That is your only job. To then turn round and say you didn’t spot an entirely naked child when you’ve filmed, edited and uploaded? There really is no excuse.

This error was never mentioned, nor apologised for within the vlogs.

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