The following is the first chapter of my next book.

Running. As quickly as his short stumpy pegs would carry him. Running. As quickly as his thick heavy flub would take him. running. As quickly as his sharp shallow breaths would allow him.
He ran and ran and ran.

Urgent beads of sweat swirled around his crimson-shaded forehead and puffed out cheeks. Desperate swabs of mildew clamoured around his neckline and underarms.

Glancing momentarily behind he spied his tormentor in hot pursuit.

Chugging along some hundred or so yards apace the pursuer attempted to steady his own legs enough for the chase. His heavyset figure mad his target look like a stick figure. All the same, he kept within distance as his own shortcomings were less vital than planting himself in the way of the escapee.

Further behind again, a relic of a car door slammed shut. A thick boot rammed the accelerator pedal and skidded round the corner at full speed. As the car reached maximum velocity, two silhouetted figures came in focus. The first, a friendly figure, emitted a stubborn stench as the Midday sun eased through his porous skin. The second, firmly targeted, trousers wedged firmly against his posterior, was clearly extending the distance between the two. It was obvious he could see a positive end in sight. On the other hand, he hadn’t anticipated the beaten-up old haggard of a car crunching to a halt right beside him. The driver’s side door was thrown open. One after another, two over-sized boots stomped down on the pavement. Two rough hands reached out and collared the fleeing man. He looked up to see the strong well-built woman holding him. He collapsed to his knees as tears flowed down his red cheeks. Robert knew his time was up.

Beaten by GJ Watson will be available in the near future. Please look out for further details

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