The White Rose Shopping Centre Allowing Commercial Filming During Pandemic


Monday 12th April 2021 and England is back open for business. After a three month hiatus, we’re all allowed to roam freely within the streets of the great nation, doing as we please, sodding everyone else and just generally enjoying ourselves for the first time this year; either that or head to Primark.

The British legion of Youtubers spent Monday strutting their stuff in the budget clothing store. Camera in hand, they filmed and filmed and filmed. When they had had enough, they simply filmed some more.

Despite the lockdown restrictions being eased, the world is still on high alert with this Covid pandemic. Vigilence is urged, washing of hands still recommended and social distancing is still encouraged. Why then, whilst the majority of shoppers were sensible, did ‘influencers’ take it upon themselves to ignore guidance and instead film for commercial purposes?

YouTuber Elle Darby with 565,000 subscribers trotted into her local Primark and whipped out her camera because “it would be rude not to”.

Sarah Ingham, from The Ingham Family, was in Primark in The White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds with eleven year old daughter Esme. Stopping to take a selfie with a fan, they both removed their facemasks, whilst not socially distancing. Mrs Ingham later hit out at her critics claiming “We took it off for the picture, chill out”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already expressed his concerns that people are not taking things seriously and will cause yet another lockdown.

It is attitudes such as Mrs Ingham’s that will be the cause of this.

The White Rose Shopping Centre passed shoppers’ concerns onto Primark, athough they declined to take action themselves. They were made aware prior to The Ingham Family’s vlog on Tuesday night. However, The Inghams’ commercial filming within The White Rose Shopping Centre – which is heavily prohibited notwithstanding a pandemic – was uploaded and appeared on YouTube with little fanfare from the Centre.

How have a shopping centre, in the midst of this pandemic, failed to act upon blatant commercial filming on it’s premises?

#StaySafe everyone; unless you’re recording for YouTube, then do what you want.

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