5 Best Free YouTube Downloaders In 2024


How to download YouTube videos for free to watch offline.

Have you ever wanted to download a YouTube video for free but wondered how others do it?  Or perhaps your favourite YouTube downloader site is no longer working?  Which is the best alternative YouTube downloader app in 2024?

We have reviewed the best sites to download YouTube videos for free.

  1. Y2Mate
    Y2Mate YouTuber Downloader is a website which enables you to download any YouTube video for free directly within your browser.  This is our YouTube downloader of choice so is the number one recommended site to use.  The downloader ticks all the boxes for usability, speed and safety.  The one drawback on this site is you are limited to just videos in MP4 format.  If that is your end goal, then this downloader is for you.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Y2MATE
  2. DownloaderTo
    DownloaderTo YouTube Downloader allows you to download YouTube videos within your browser.  This free YouTube Downloader not only offers multiple formats of videos to download but also allows you to convert the videos into a range of audio formats giving you even greater choice.  One word of caution.  There is a disclaimer note on the homepage warning against downloading copyrighted material.  However, it should be noted, if you are downloading YouTube videos you will face the prospect of downloading a copyrighted video.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD DOWNLOADERTO
  3. Y2Meta
    Y2Meta YouTube Downloader offers an in-browser download directly fromYouTube for free.  This site gives both MP4 video and MP3 audio options invarying quality downloads.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Y2META
  4. 10Downloader
    10Downloader YouTube Downloader is a free video downloader for YouTube.  It works straight in your browser and offers two download options.  Either download full MP4 video with sound or MP4 video without sound.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 10DOWNLOADER
  5. TubeRipper
    TubeRipper YouTube Downloader is the final free YouTube Download option on our list.  They give several options to download videos for free.  Choose to download the full video, download the audio only or download the muted video.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TUBERIPPER


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