Act Of God In Medical Negligence Claim By YouTuber Sarah Ingham


When Sarah Ingham gave birth to her sixth – and final – baby on 11th October 2023 she made the heart-rending decision to have her future baby supply cut off as ‘six was their number’.  After much deliberation and very many tears, both privately and publicly, she and husband Chris, of the notorious Ingham Family YouTube channel gave the go ahead to the surgeon who was performing her caesarean section to ‘tie her tubes’ at the same time.

The decision would go on to have far reaching emotional consequences for Sarah as she struggled to come to terms with not being able to conceive again in the future, even to the point of neglecting the needs of her newborn baby.  In a vlog uploaded on 22nd October 2023 Sarah, through floods of tears, stated:

I have literally regretted it ever since and I don’t know why.  I can’t cope with how final everything feels.  It’s weird because I don’t feel like I can enjoy the baby because I’m constantly just thinking ‘but this is the last time’

Sarah and her husband Chris had subsequently discussed the situation at length and decided they would potentially try for a reversal which, according to the pair, would cost in the region of £5000, but would be worth every penny if for no other reason than to give them peace of mind.

However, having made that heartbreaking decision and gone through such tumltuous emotional turmoil, fate would play it’s hand.

In a Boxing Day Christmas Special, The Ingham Family uploaded a vlog titled: The Most Shocking News I Have Ever Received.  In the opening scene of the video, Sarah is seen speaking over loudspeaker on the phone to a consultant at the hospital where she gave birth.

The consultant tells her that there had been a mistake by the surgeon who had performed the tubal ligation (tying her tubes) and they had accidentally tied her ligament instead.  They had to urgently call Sarah on Boxing Day (a national Bank Holiday) to warn her that she needed to use contraception as she was at risk of getting pregnant.  Sarah seemed dumbstruck by this news and turned to the camera to exclaim her shock.

This could well be the big break they had been looking for.  At least her husband Chris seemed to think so as he exclaimed:

If you don’t think that’s an act of God, then you’re crazy!

Aside from their obvious delight at the possibility of being able to conceive again, the claim against the hospital and the surgeon who performed the procedure could be a lengthy, not to mention costly, one.  That being said, the consultant appeared to have already admitted fault on behalf of the surgeon when she said:

There’s a similar tube-like structure next to the fallopian tube known as the round ligament so there’s a chance they have tied that instead of the fallopian tube by mistake

Was it a wise move by the consultant to admit fault without speaking to the hospital’s legal team?  North Lincolnshire And Goole NHS Foundation Trust have been contacted for comment.

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