Andrew Tate’s Misogyny And Radicalising Children


The world’s most hated and yet loved social media influencer has been banned from almost everysingle major social media platform.  Meta have taken the decision to ban Andrew Tate from Facebook and Instagram citing their policies against ‘Dangerous Individuals and Organisations’.  Tik-Tok have quickly followed suit.  Tate had already been long since banned from Twitter due to his varied and numerous controversial tweets.

Andrew Tate has been spewing hate and misogyny to anybody who will listen and his extreme views on women in particular have raised more than a few eyebrows.   Tate told the world that “women shouldn’t be allowed to drive” and that women should stay at home cleaning while the man goes out to work.  Incredibly these are the much tamer instances of his warped views on modern life.

“A woman must bear some responsibility for being r**d”

In the wake of the #metoo movement following Harvey Weinstein in 2017, Andrew Tate gave his own views on the situation.  Tate stated that women must bear some responsibility for being raped.  In anybody’s world, this is an incredibly brash, disgusting and disgraceful way of looking at one of the worst things a woman / man can go through in life.  It’s right up there with ‘death’, but apparently if you are stupid enough to get yourself raped, then you must shoulder some of that blame.

“I’m not a rapist, but I like the thought of being free to do what I want”

One of the main reasons (well, 40% of it) for Tate moving to Romania was due to it’s lax ideals on prosecuting rape cases.   This is a man who doesn’t class himself as a rapist, obviously, but wouldn’t mind having the option.   With these views, unfortunately there’s a higher than likely probability there may be more than a little truth to the ‘rapist’ part.  Perhaps not in his mind, but taking this quote and the aforementioned “women should bear some responsibility”, it paints a picture of someone who most likely pushes the boundaries on what’s acceptable with ‘his’ women.  I say ‘his’ women because of views like…

“If my woman does OnlyFans, I would take 80% of the earnings because she is my woman”

If Andrew Tate’s girlfriend / wife / partner or his woman, as he puts it, opened an OnlyFans account he reckons he would be entitled to almost all of the takings from whatever it is she does with the account.  His misguided belief is because he believes women are his property and woe betide if she dares to work for her own money.  She would be working for him.

“Every single girl will sleep with you for money.  They just have different prices”

With the type of women that Andrew Tate attracts it’s no wonder he thinks this way.  Tate has an incredibly low view of women in general but fails to see all the positives and strengths of women in general.  If he is attracting the sort of woman he is easily able to manipulate then he will not have come across the other side of woman; and that is the strong, independant, intelligent and free-thinking woman.

“When you are 18, I can hook you up with a man”

Yep.  Andrew Tate did indeed say this to an actual underage girl.  Telling a girl that the minute they turn eighteen years of age, he will be available for her is ever so slightly creepy and predatory.  Not surprising though, unfortunately since he…

“Prefer 18-19 year olds as I can make an imprint on them”

Another classic from Andrew Tate as he manages to work his way through the youth of the world.  My advice if you happen to be eighteen or nineteen years of age (or younger as shown above) is to run as far away in the opposite direction as possible.

“Show me the bruises!”

In a video that surfaced during his time in the Big Brother house, which eventually saw him removed from the show, he is telling a young woman to show him the bruises which he caused to her during a ‘roleplay’ game.  He claims it’s all roleplay as do the girls involved but that’s up for debate, particularly given his extremely relaxed views on rape.

“You knew I was gonna beat the f**k outta you!”

When a woman has to run to the bathroom and lock themselves in, take it as a sign that perhaps you’re taking this ‘roleplay’ too far.  The same woman as above locks herself away and Andrew Tate yells that he was gonna beat her up.  Classy Andrew. Classy.

“If you behaved, I wouldn’t have to hit you, would I?”

In a continuation from the above, Andrew Tate pulls out the ‘Ultimate Guide To Abuse’ manual and reels off the classic… “If you behaved, I wouldn’t have to hit you!”  This is textbook abuse verbiage.  Blaming the victim for their insane actions.  There’s nothing more clear in the entire video as to what’s really going on.

“Why are you getting hit?  Because you didn’t listen!”

Another classic abuser’s mentality.  Andrew Tate whacks a woman with such force it’s very difficult to believe the ‘roleplay’ storyline.  He thumps her over and over with a belt.  He pulls her head up by her hair and yells at her to “Look at the camera.  Tell the camera why you’re getting hit”.  He says it over and over which is a classic method of wearing the victim down into submission and asserting your dominance.  She replies “because I didn’t listen”.  Andrew Tate responds and says “yes, because you didn’t listen”.

Anything else Andrew Tate has done?

Oh boy, most definitely.

Scammed men in webcam business

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate made their initial fortune by using Andrew’s many girlfriends and subsequent employees to con thousands out of men in a webcam business.  Men would login to chat to the women in exchange for money.  These women would spin all sorts of sob stories in order to con the men – many of whom even believed they were in real relationships – out of thousands.  Tristan Tate admitted in an interview that the whole thing was a scam.

Ponzy Scheme

Andrew Tate set up the Hustler’s University.  For a fee of 50 dollars per month he gives out advice on how to become a real man just like him.  In reality though he advises people to simply repost his videos and include an affiliate link for a small commission.

Radicalising Children

One of the major problems with Andrew Tate is spreading so much hate, misogyny and aggression towards women whilst at the same time targeting children to carry on his legacy.   The aforementioned Hustler’s University has members setting up fan pages and posting his videos all over Tik=Tok, where every single young boy is picking up on it and dreaming of now becoming the next Andrew Tate.  They see the fast cars, the money, the jets, the women.  They want that.  They then see the other side, with the degrading of women, beating women, disrespecting women.  They think this is what it takes to be the next Andrew Tate.

This is a huge problem.

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