Sarah Ingham Ditches Husband Chris To Go It Alone


Sarah Ingham, star of the YouTube vlogging channel The Ingham Family, has branched out on her own with her new business venture selling baby blankets.

On October 18th BabyAndMeBySarahIngham was launched, a bold move by someone who is busy with four children, including a six month old baby, and having Chris Ingham as a husband. Mrs Ingham has little to no previous business experience, so hats off to her for her ambitions.

Today we’re delving a little deeper into the BabyAndMe brand. Within hours of launch, one particular product was sold out. Mrs Ingham’s fans are clearly happy to support her. However, what exactly are they getting for their hard earned money?

This Forest Friends design, depicting a raccoon and deer, has been printed on eco-polyester fabric and was snapped up in double-quick time. On a recent vlog Mrs Ingham claims she had been ‘working on designs’, suggesting that she had worked with a designer to perfect these patterns.

Here at Writer’s Block we can exclusively reveal the BabyAndMe brand, which is sold on it’s exclusivity, is nothing more than a stock design. This means they purchase the rights from a third-party website and use the design on their products.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this and nothing wrong with the design. These images are expertly and passionately drawn by talented artists. However, it’s the assertion that these are custom designs and playing on the vulnerability of their existing fanbase.

The Forest Friends design was drawn and produced by the lovely Kristina Kvilis

The design and branding is one thing. However, the quality of the physical product is another. According to YouTuber Michelle Rees (Life With Mrs R), who reviewed one such baby blanket “it’s just two pieces of material they’ve sewn together”.

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