When Will YouTube Address The Ruby Franke 8 Passengers Child Abuse?


Dear YouTube,

Two YouTubers sat on their sofa, giving their fans their latest advice on parenting, all the while two very young children were detained in their downstairs basement/dungeon/torture chamber.

Two YouTubers uploaded this video to YouTube as those two very young children were helpless and in distress.

One of those two YouTubers had previously spent nearly ten years on YouTube using and abusing their six young children.

This abuse involved mental trauma, including taking away a child’s bed and making him sleep on a beanbag for seven months, having a child do push ups just because he left a pair of socks outside, threatening to cut a child’s toy’s head off, as well as more physical trauma such as constantly using food as a tool to control, making a five year old go hungry at school because the child ‘forgot’ to make her own lunch.

All the above abuse, plus so much more, was documented on YouTube for millions to watch.  Those millions included every single YouTube employee, including the various CEOs during that time.  Yet still, they were allowed to continue.

The above YouTube channel amassed well over one billion views.  This will have made YouTube millions of dollars ($4.5m by my calculations).  That’s right, YouTube made $4million+ from showing child abuse online.

The aforementioned two YouTubers have been through an entire court process, watched by millions, judged by millions and condemned by millions.  Those two YouTubers will now spend the next so many years in prison for abusing those children.

The abuse, don’t forget, which was initially curated by that one YouTube channel which made YouTube millions, which then partnered with another YouTuber who, together, sat upstairs vlogging while two very young children lay in the basement tied up.

And yet, YouTube remain silent.

We’re all waiting YouTube.  What’s your take on all this?

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