Family Fizz – All You Need To Know


Family Fizz are a YouTube family who are infamous for uprooting their kids every few months to another home or a new country.

The father Darren and mother, Georgie, vlog their lives and that of their four children, for monetary gain. The two youngest children had their greatest dignities exposed when their births were broadcast to millions of viewers on YouTube and have spent every day of their young lives in front of the camera.

The eldest has had her most intimate moments of growing up exploited, whilst the second child can’t remember a time before the cameras.

Over the past six years, the parents have whisked their kids off to live in Spain, Canary Islands, Portugal, Dubai, Mexico, Costa Rica, United Kingdom (on several separate occasions). Whenever they leave the country, they make the kids leave any meagre possessions behind meaning they have accumulated no treasured toys or personal possessions.

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