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Who are The Ingham Family?
The Ingham Family are vloggers from Bradford, UK with a family vlogging channel on YouTube. They are Dad Chris, Mum Sarah, Isabelle (18), Esme (14), Isla (11), Jace (4) and Mila (2)

Their YouTube channel is aimed at the 8-16 year old audience.

As with most vlogging channels on YouTube, they only show you the side they want you to see. However, The Ingham Family go further than that. Here’s the real family behind the Inghams.

• Baby left alone on foreign beach
In August 2019, The Ingham Family toured around Europe. During their travels, they visited a beach in Barcelona, Spain. They placed their 5 month old baby on a chair, under a tent, on the beach. Then the mum, dad and the three girls went for a swim in the sea. Leaving their baby alone, where they had no chance to save him if there was a problem or if he was taken.

• Mum swearing in group chat full of children
Sarah Ingham is an administrator of an Ingham Family and IFAM Support Group on Facebook. In April 2020, she was caught swearing (giving the middle finger) at somebody publicly within the group, in which hundreds of children as young as 10 will be reading

• Inciting hate on a 13 year old child
In August 2019, Chris Ingham and Sarah Ingham helped distribute CCTV images of a family who they knew were innocent in order to obtain details of a third party. They incited hate by allowing speculation that the family, which included a 13 year old child, have stolen items from a shop. This young child was subjected to online and offline hate because of the Ingham Family’s actions. In addition to this, Chris Ingham added a comment in order to incite further hate. (Watch Video)

• Mum offering daughter for online predators
Sarah Ingham is actively encouraging her 14 year old daughter to pose seductively and inappropriately and post it on her public Instagram page.

• Vlogged birth of son
In March 2019, Sarah Ingham gave birth to a baby boy. Chris Ingham filmed it and uploaded it to their YouTube page. Their baby has literally been on camera since the very second he was born.

• Granny started disgusting rumours
Jane Ingham, mother of Chris Ingham, started disgusting rumours about the YouTuber Dougal in order to shut him up from talking about The Ingham Family. She decided to it would be funny to spread the rumour that he was a ‘pedo’.

• Dad filming other people’s children in swimwear
Chris Ingham has filmed other people’s young children in bikinis and swimwear and uploaded it to YouTube. He filmed them from inappropriate angles. (Watch Video)

• Dad caught filming lower area of very young girl
Chris Ingham, whilst vlogging himself, also caught on camera himselfpointing a camera directly at the lower area of an eight year old girl. (Watch Video)

• Dad grooming young and vulnerable fans
In July 2018, Chris Ingham was exposed for having sent very inappropriate messages to fans as young as 16.

• Dismissing the death of thousands
In March 2020, Sarah Ingham and Chris Ingham dismissed the global Coronavirus pandemic as ‘hype’, whilst they were relatively safe on holiday. Calling the worldwide problems ‘chaotic’, despite thousands of people having died. (Watch Video)

• Puts people’s lives at risk during quarantine
When The Ingham Family returned from holiday in the Maldives, they were under 14 day quarantine to protect others from any potential COVID-19 virus they brought back. However, they flaunted those rules on at least two occasions, risking spreading the virus.

• Turning the family, including children, into a business
As of June 2017, The Ingham Family ceased being a family and became The Ingham Family Limited. At this point they officially turned their children into assets of their business.

• Mum calling a school child a ‘cretin’
Sarah Ingham filmed and uploaded to 100,000 people telling them that a boy who went to her daughter’s school was a ‘cretin’.

• Risking daughters’ and son’s lives by meeting strangers
Sarah Ingham took her children to meet strangers she had just met online, in a supermarket car park. She had no idea who these people were.

• Attracting online predators with vlog titles
Chris Ingham intentionally words titles to attract predators. Titles such as ‘cream pie’ should never be used on a vlog watched by thousands of young children.

• Filming young child in the bath
Sarah Ingham filmed her then 6 year old daughter in the bath, completely naked, uploaded it to YouTube and used the image of the child in the bath as the thumbnail for the vlog.

• Children trained how to act in any given situation
The Ingham Family girls are trained to act or react to certain situations, such as receiving gifts or holidays. They no longer know reality.

• Endangering their children’s’ lives
Sarah Ingham and Chris Ingham constantly put their children in danger, such as leaving their baby in his high chair unattended whilst Sarah Ingham goes upstairs.

• Turning their newborn baby into merch
Sarah Ingham and Chris Ingham created a Jace Reborn doll, which is supposed to be a ‘representation’ of their baby. In reality, they found a random doll, stuck the name Jace on it and charged £300. The real name of the doll is Jamie, designed and developed by Linde Scherer

• Making money off the homeless
A few vlogs have shown The Ingham Family filming the homeless. These vlogs have each earned them a bare minimum of £200. They do not donate the proceeds of these vlogs to homeless charities.

Your Questions and Rumours Answered
Having seen many Ingham Family fans (IFAM) make incorrect statements, I feel it’s necessary to clear up a few points.

If Chris was guilty he would be in prison
What Chris did was not illegal in this country. It is morally wrong, but not lawfully wrong. In America where it happened it is illegal.

If Chris cheated on Sarah, I’m sure Sarah would have left him.
Unfortunately this is not always the case. Sarah may not want to leave him for many reasons.

Why did Jess go straight to Twitter?
She didn’t. She went to Sarah first. Sarah blocked her.

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