Family Vloggers The Ingham Family Celebrating Coronavirus In The Maldives


The Coronavirus has brought the world to it’s knees. People are dying, becoming seriously ill, weak, vulnerable, schools, colleges and Universities closing, sporting events suspended, citizens mass buying food and supplies.

Travel bans have been imposed, non-essential travel has been advised against; containment and reduce the spread of the virus are the new buzz words. It’s a team effort and the whole world are in on it.
That is, except one deliriously happy family.

The Inghams. Family vloggers from the UK, Chris and Sarah Ingham, along with their four children, Isabelle (14), Esme (10), Isla (7) and Jace (1), have jetted off for a week in the sun to the tiny Maldives island of Cocoon in a trip sponsored by Simply Maldives.

Just three days into their adventure, Chris and Sarah have been posting on their Instagram how happy they are to have found Paradise.

While the rest of the world panics and frets over how they will cope if they have to self-isolate or, worse still, become seriously ill, The Ingham Family are ignorant to the dangers, calling it all ‘hype’ and ‘people should be talking about it less’.

Non-essential travel has been advised against for good reason; to stop the spread of this disease. By travelling, they have put their children at risk, other more vulnerable people at risk, as well as the risk of bringing the virus home with them. Additionally, there is a very real possibility of the borders being closed or the departing airport banning flights out, thus leaving them stranded; a risk they have brushed off by saying “we couldn’t think of a better place to be stuck”.

Other vloggers have cancelled their travel plans responsibly, as have other ‘regular’ travellers.

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